Tom Ford Illuminating Primer is worth the wait!

I first read about Tom Ford’s Illuminating Primer about six months ago. I dutifully headed into David Jones – the only outlet for this product in Australia – and Tom doesn’t ship to Australia. I have waited for six months for it to arrive. Just when I was about to give up I got the call from the Tom Ford counter, if I wanted by Illuminator I had better get in to DJ’s by the end of business the next day…the waiting list is long. Yes after all that …. The Tom Ford “glow” is fantastic and looks totally natural. Better yet, the formula makes the skin feel soft and silky.

I can also wear the Primer alone for that little extra something that looks like nothing. I have sometimes used a bit of Hydro skin winter oil to add a little bit of illumination, and it has worked well. I’m very happy to report the Tom Ford does not disappoint…its not quiet like wandering about with my very own lighting tech but the next best thing…that is the good news, the bad is that you will have to go onto a waiting list at DJs to get your own little bottle of light….

Below a few other reviews…..


“I can’t believe how long it has taken me to review this lovely product. As you all know it’s no secret that I am a huge fan of the Tom Ford Beauty line. Most of the products have “wowed” and impressed me so it’s no surprise I have another product to add to the long “I cant live without” list.

The latest addition to the list is “Tom Ford Illuminating Protective primer SPF 12.” It’s a primer that protects, nourishes and creates a gorgeous and flawless canvas. These days, products are becoming so much more versatile and sophisticated, which saves us ladies time and money (well sometimes but you know what I mean.) This is how Tom Ford Beauty describes their primer:”

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