Be a Tourist at Home – Redfern – Part 1

Be a Tourist at Home has had a mini hiatus, but Tina of izzyhaveyoueaten and I are back. Go straight to Tina's blog for all the food info.

Today we take you to Redfern or Regent Street, Redfern to be precise. Most, drive this street heading somewhere else, we implore you to STOP! We happen to think this street has it all, you should see Tina's map! The strip may not be pretty BUT the food is sensational and the shopping wonderful and unique

We started at the recently opened Flyover Fritterie and Chai Bar Gunjan Aylawadi has recently moved her very popular eatery into a fabulous little restaurant in Regent Street from that hidden lane in the CBD. Our brunch, seasonal mixed fritters and iced chai delicious!

We then headed up the road to Ra Ra Ramen meeting up with a few friends Susan Hipgrave, Edward Waring and Rae-Anne Sinclair. Rae-Anne joined us for the rest of this adventure.

The shopping elements of Regent Street are as eclectic as the food. You will know about Karin Huchatz's DEA Store I have posted about it before. Starting at the corner of Regent and Redfern Streets you will find a shop that sells the most reasonably priced neon lights ( opposite ) and decorations + great cheap gifts.

Head down the the same side of the street and stop at the greengrocer. Three types of fresh ginger, fresh pistachio nuts an exotic looking fruit called Indian Fig with a large warning sign...do not touch. Rae-Anne and I of course read this is as fondle fruit ... we are still picking the prickles out of our hands.

Console yourself by dropping into the beautiful Cheesoon and Fitzgerald and soak up the sophistication.

If you want the freshest hot cross buns - baked on site - and hand made by Bow ( pictured) and you would also like to support Ukraine go straight to Breadfern Bakery.

At the other end of Regent Street you will find a very fine - baked on site - pie by Ray at The Wild Cockatoo Bakery.

We think the Scarlet Weasel is a bar, we are thankful that they are supporting nurses.

There can't be too many suburbs where you can get your buttonholes done and while you wait, walk next door hang out at Atomic beer project and try a Day Spa Sour or Cucumber Gone - cool as a proverbial refreshingly salty and sour beer!

And for god sake don't head this way without dropping into the Chef's warehouse to check out their ice cream machines...just joking Slim...then try a scoop of gelato at Ciccone and Sons, Rae-Ann's Guava sorbetto won the day.

The Rogue Drop in Gallery always has something interesting happening. You may even be lucky enough to meet this Beagle, Husky mix with Marty Feldman eyes.

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  1. Thanks Lorrie for reminding me about that great street and must try the eateries that you recommend. Thanks Lis

  2. Fab post, Lorrie.
    Thanks for the Regent St inspiration.
    Love the DEA store and now Chee Soon there and more..!!

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