Time for another look: The importance of The Brow

L.A. Darl Post, brows, eyebrows, Neu Brow
L.A. Darl Post, brows, eyebrows, Neu Brow

L.A. Darl Post

Your brows fade, become less defined as you age.  Some years ago a young relative told his mother that she should choose either, to get some brows or put on some lipstick, one or the other because she had faded away – Its true – I’ve had a once a month appointment at my local ….. Glow Girl …. where Annita the owner paints on some brows they fade and for the rest of the month I colour them in.

Lips, Brows?…..LA Darl and I opted for The Brow….I have never worn more than Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream…as a gloss ….on my lips and LA Darl and I have always been of the – less is more school. We like to think of ourselves as low maintenance. My god …… were we about to become high maintenance?

So off LA Darl went in search of an answer to our Brow none brow issue…What she found has delighted and amazed both of us, but terrified my husband.…..A product that actually works…Neu Brow from Skin Research Laboratories, they also do New Lash And New hair.

But so far we have only tried the Brow enhancer ….. see link below ……

This potent serum utilizes powerful peptides – so now we know why some sports people use them….they work! Given that our brows don’t play any sport we think we might be in the clear.

NOTE: I have now been using this product for years, using less of the product to just maintain, it is expensive BUT it is a product that works!


If you don’t want to go the Peptides here are some tips for Brow maintenance…. on The Vicki Archer site



* Avoid Overplucking
Excessive use of a pair of tweezers can harm the hair follicles.
Allow your brows to grow and hold off taming them too regularly. Experts recommend once every three weeks.

* Look After Them
To boost hair growth apply a primer to your brows before applying makeup in the morning.
Overtime brows will look thicker and fuller, resulting in less time in front of the mirror filling them in.

* Tools Of The Trade
Use the best pair of tweezers once every three weeks and tweeze in the direction of your hair growth to remove unwanted hairs.
In between, keep your brows trim and tidy using a pair of shaping scissors. Be careful with this and if in doubt ask a beauty professional to trim the eyebrows.

* Product Perfect
Discovering the product best suited for you can make or break your brows.
To achieve a natural finish, always ensure you are applying a shade to the brows that is a true match to your hair colour. The exception is with the greys, a darker brow looks fantastic with a silver mane.

– If you are already blessed in the brow department, all you need is a gel to tame the rebellious hairs.
Opt for a clear formula or a tinted fibre to settle them down.

– Apply a powder product for natural, defined brows. Use a brow brush for extra precision, using soft strokes and blend.

– Use a thin pencil product if you have sparse brows that need filling.
The thin nib will help mimic your natural hairs.

– Invest in a pomade for long-lasting brows. They are smudge-proof and perfect for those who find their brow products tend to slip and slide through the day.
Remember, a little goes a long way with a creamy product so only apply a small amount with an angled brush.

Back to the beginning; eyebrows are everything.

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  1. I like a fine eyeliner/mascara to enhance the eye. Not worrying about the brows. That list is long enough☺️ lol

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