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Who knew that watching people declutter their homes could be so emotional? The new Tidying Up with Marie Kondo series on Netflix is more than just people clearing out their crap, there is usually an underlying relationship issue or problem with family communication, too. As Kondo says, ‘ It’s not just possessions that are confronted but life and the future as well.’ Rachel and Kevin Friend are a young couple with two kids who don’t have time to tidy up, so the place is a bit of a mess and laundry has become a bone of contention.

Empty-nesters Ron and Wendy Akiyama are filling their home with stuff because they miss their sons (Wendy has basically loaded up their empty rooms with unworn clothes). And the Mersier family of four have downsized from a house in Michigan to a two-bed apartment in LA and haven’t quite accepted their new home. Marie Kondo is on a mission to ‘Spark Joy’ through cleaning. Her Japanese method of tidying is pretty straightforward: if an item Sparks Joy and makes you feel positive, then you keep it. If not, thank the item for its commitment and get rid.

The most joyful moment of all appears to be when Marie Kondo turns up a family’s home, one knock at the door creates instant delight and an outpouring of emotion

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  1. Too hot to go outdoors so sitting under the ceiling fan with feet in tub of cold water watching this now. I’m an absolute sucker for this kind of program!

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