Remembering the young man Tom Ricketson

I thought I’d post this wonderful post from Brain Pickings – in memory of Tom – it is about a children’s book – a meditation on Loss and Life called Cry, Heart, But Never Break. by Glenn Ringtved and illustrated by Charlotte Pardi.

” Who would enjoy the sun if it never rained “? “Who would yearn for the day if there were no night”?


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  1. Lorrie and Greg, I felt grief and sadness as I read this. For you both … Tom was a lovely boy and I am remembering him with you. We all had some wonderful times with him, growing up to become a fabulous and charming young man. Love URT XXX

  2. Wow. Such wise words. So so true. Still resonates even after reading them so often. Thank you both Elizabeth Gilbert and Lorrie Graham.

  3. I did not know your stepson but that face radiates warmth and peace. Now no doubt an angel above.
    Thinking of your family.

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