Thinking about a dog go to a Dog Show

Images from the NSW Dog Show Championships, July, 2018

We are not looking to get a dog .... our cat Audrey would be heartbroken ...... BUT .. we love dogs so when our friends Alison and Stephen suggested we all head out to the Bill Splistead Complex for Canine Affairs - I swear that is the name - in Lapstone, near St Marys we joined the convoy.

Years ago Alison and Stephen went to a Dog show looking for a dog. They decided a Dog Show would be a great way to get a handle on a breed that would work for them. They decided on a Papillon, and have had Tiggy ( pictured below in pink bow tie ) for ten years. She is a showstopper and child magnet at Carriageworks farmers market every Saturday morning.

This show was for Juniors and the winner overall took a step closer to heading to Crofts Dog Show in London.

The most labour intensive dog appeared to be the poodle, but they seem to take it in their stride. The atmosphere is mostly very chilled. The uniform a very plain 1980's skirt suit seemed to be compulsory for the women who show, the men looked to have been given a freer hand and allowed more flamboyant touches.

I grew up with Labradors, Susie, Goldie, Sandy and Blondie. Anon has had various breeds in his life. The fact that we arrived back into Newtown without A Wolfhound, Australian Kelpie and a Newfoundland called Washington is, frankly,a miracle.

If you can't make it to a dog show do then next best thing and watch the film "Best in Show"


This show is coming up...


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  1. Ahhh, likewise my house is a cat house, however my heart always skips for a Dalmation, I’ve had two and bred them both! They are prolific breeders, so 9 plus pups each time, and the excitement! watching the spots appear during the first few weeks. Agree dog shows are fun, but a day at the pound is just as rewarding, looking at the un-posh dogs parading their own charms and longing, loving looks…

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  2. Oh, wish I’d been there. Rowdy (my beloved chocolate labrador) who loves to dress up, now wants to wear a bow tie all the time . Loved this story.

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  3. Be still my beating heart !!! These dogs are just SO beautiful – well most – I personally could pass on the poodle grooming ….. This was a difficult day. There were sheep dogs, kelpie puppies, blue cattle dos, newfoundlands, great danes, irish deer and won hounds ….. you name it, they were there.

    So wanted to come home with one.

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