These Trees are gone……….

If you see a tree with a blue wrap on it in Haberfield, Kingsgrove or our Sydney Park that tree is doomed.

Yesterday we wrapped over 400 trees that line two roads of Sydney Park. An Avenue of mature Paper Bark gums, majestic Angophoras and Spotted gums.

Mike Baird and Duncan Gay have decided that a Toll road costing 16 billion dollars – of your money – is far more important than our enviroment and our communities.

If WestCONNex goes ahead, where these trees stand now will become a Seven lane highway ….to nowhere.

The only people who think this is a great idea are the Toll operators.

These wraps are but a warning. This Government does not think it is any of your business what they decide do in your name or with your money.

Tell them they are wrong……….share this blog on whatever social media you use…Tweet, Facebook, or email a friend.

Thank you…….Lorrie

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  1. So grateful for what you are doing down there in the city to stand up for The Inner West. We are with you in spirit and heartened by your actions. From a former Alexandria girl.

  2. Thank you for doing this – your images convey so eloquently what is poised to be lost with this unnecessary freeway.

  3. Awesome effort! Thank goodness people like you great guys take the time and put in effort to ensure the community knows what is going on and what is at stake – people will always have different views and opinions but when Government doesn’t tell the community everything it should know to make an informed decision, we need a community that cares. It’s always so great to see that people do care – thanks for highlighting this important issue. And great photos too!

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  4. What a fantastic job wrapping all of those beautiful trees, high lighting the environmental vandalism of the Baird/Gay government and their pals at WestConnex. Thanks Lorrie for a wonderful blog.

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  5. What an environmental disaster Waste Connex is – thank you for the wraps on all those majestic trees and for humiliating Gay and Baird publicly….

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