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Corban and Blair celebrated 30 years in Business this year. Gillian Corban and Amanda Blair at their Lewisham headquarters

Who do you imagine Corban and Blair are? The designers behind the very cool stationery designs. The company that has now morphed into designing bespoke marketing products. Well I imagined a pair of groovy young dudes ….. shoot me now, because the people behind this brand are so much more interesting.

Gillian Corban and Amanda Blair, who are cousins, started Corban and Blair in 1988, yes that is 30 years ago. At the time they were looking to create their own culture and to have a challenging creative job.

“ We’ve always been clear on our motivations in business. We’re interested in sustainability, in showcasing Australia through what we do and in creating beautiful objects that are genuinely valued by the people who receive them because they’re useful and clever” Gillian said.

I know this to be true because I still have the nine magazine Corban and Blair magazine holders that I bought 28 years ago.

Thirty years on, the brand has grown from a business geared to the retail sector, working out of Amanda’s flat – saving for their first laser printer – to their current business model; custom-made, bespoke marketing and gift solutions with thoughtful Australian-designed goods for corporations that tell their corporate stories and add meaning to their brand strategies


They now work out of their own building with a loyal creative staff, believe in partnerships, mentoring, collaborations …. the power of generosity and openness, flexibility, and constant learning as the world changes around them.

They are optimist generous women, who give back …. pay carbon credits on their New Zealand made photo frames. Support the arts, schools, women and homelessness. They mentor and coach within the business and arts community.

These women have created a company that has a much larger footprint and influence than its actual size. But their biggest achievement is to be as passionate about their business as they were when they started it 30 years ago.

Maybe we could encourage them to run as independents at the next federal election, I’m sure they’d do a brilliant job running the country.

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