The Way Home – Kathryn Ryan – Nanda/Hobbs

This painting "Illumnation" by Kathryn Ryan from her exhibition at Nanda/Hobbs gallery in Chippendale took my breath away.

Apologies to the artist for the sloppy coverage of the show...I ran in and shot in a frenzy also the show closes today. But you can ask to see the work in the store.

Here is what Kathryn Ryan says about the work.

The Way Home refers to journeys that are metaphorical, personal, inward looking as well as belonging to my own history of growing up in the landscape - closely affected by the changing weather, season and times of day on a farm.

My memories of place, weather, family , childhood and yearnings for something more - which eventually took me far away from this landscape-only in latter years to return with the comfort of accepting that what is on offer here is rich and sustaining feeding my soul and my wellbeing and enduring inspiration for my art.

There was a yearning for space, light and quiet all the years I lived in cities. These qualities had been something that made sense to me - where I belonged-and gave my creative day dreaming space to wander. Yet, at the time, there was also a yearning for more than the quiet landscape could offer-the stimulation and different experiences that are on offer through a wider set of friends and people ti met in the cities, a closeness and sense of belonging to my tribe in the "art world", music and cultural events, social life etc. In time, I have sought a balance between these two different worlds or aspects of what I need to sustain myself and my art practice. I am more than happy to retreat into my studio and a quieter life living in the country knowing that all on offer out there can still be accessed ... in smaller doses!



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