The Uber Cool – Joyce Ma – Doyenne of Style

THIS IS A REPOST .... because the fabulous Joyce Ma is back in town....

The über cool Joyce Ma or simply Joyce is a retail visionary due to her enviable fashion sense, always way ahead of her time, even today, at 80 years of age. This vibrant, curious woman is a true inspiration

I was introduced to Joyce by my friend Tina, I was beyond delighted when she agreed to this style shoot. We stayed for lunch cooked by Joyce's personal chef Diamond, the most delicious feast, take a look at izzyhaveyoueaten for that story.

In 1969, Ma’s uncle approached her to open her very own boutique at Wing On (her grandfather owned the Wing On department store in Hong Kong ) Two years later, Joyce Boutique was thriving, and Ma expanded it by setting up shop at one of the city’s most prestigious locations, the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Hong Kong.

From the 1970s Joyce visited the collections, she brought in designs by Giorgio Armani, Yves Saint Laurent, Comme des Garçons and Issey Miyake, among many avant-garde collections, transforming Hong Kong into East Asia’s luxury fashion capital and her once-humble boutique into a fashion empire.

Later, she brought more collections from talented designers around the world into Joyce Boutique before they became household names. In fact, she bought Dries Van Noten’s collection in the 1980s, early in his fashion career. The endorsement by Joyce gave Van Noten prestige. They became close friends. A few years later, Joyce opened the designer’s first store in Hong Kong.

She was the first person of Asian descent to be inducted into the Italian Fashion Hall of Fame. The hall of fame recognises the efforts of people to the Italian fashion industry.

" This is what I'm learning as I get older, .....

Everything is nothing:

happiness is the new rich;

kindness the new cool;

health the new wealth;

Inner peace the new success."

Joyce Ma

Where the clothes in the shoot are from , Loewe dress ( White dress with colour ) from J.W Anderson; Red dress by Raf Simons: Akira Isogawa, Detail in yellow and White: Hand
embroidered couture dress from Jixiang in Shanghai; The extraordinary lavender jade ring designed by Austy Lee.

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  1. Joyce is simply magnificent in every way. Her delight in beauty is an inspiration and her ever youthful heart is her gift to us all.

  2. She was already famous and dressed elegantly in St Stephen’s Primary in Stanley.

    We, little school boys, were running around the campus stealing a look and panting after her. Little girls, too, flocked to her as maidens to a princess. She was that special with an ethereal aura as if she were an angel from a different galaxy. Unforgettable human being..

  3. Dearest Joyce, you are NOW and as you have always been An Inspiration!
    A fine LEADER in what ever you choose! A glorious Guide, A Spectacular SOUL – and I am always looking forward to any time we may share.
    Xx Georgia

  4. The Joyce I know is not only beautiful and graceful as we can all see but she is a very kind and caring person with a wonderful personality and a great friend to have.

  5. The Joyce I know is not only beautiful and graceful from what we can all see but she is also kind and loving with an outstanding personality … and a great friend to have.

  6. Lovely photos!

    Mouth-ear to ear – Great Smile! Miss you this trip.

    with much love

  7. Such a great story …. I want more ….is there a part two??? Fabulous photo shoot … loved it!

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  8. Perfect choice lorriet! Joyce Ma,
    An iconic and inspiring person in my life. Looking and reading this blog has healed my soul especially during this pandemic time when you only see and hear things that are negative.
    To see Joyce’s smile and laughter and her fashion and and and is a treat……Wonderful work!

  9. Bravo Joyce—the world’s most stylish, iconic, graceful, glamorous, spiritual Asian woman and yet my best friend.

  10. WOW you have captured Joyce perfectly! She’s a treasure and a breath of fresh air! She’s so inspiring, colourful, funny, compassionate, talented, creative, cultured and so smart!

  11. What a fabulous smile! And obviously Joyce has had an extraordinary + glowing career to match- a true trail-blazer.
    Thanks so much for the terrific profile.

  12. What an amazing post of an amazing woman. Joyce is indeed Uber Cool. Beautiful images of wonderful clothes and location and an 80 year old looking more like 50 !

    Bravo Joyce, what a great life you have had.

  13. Wow, Lorrie! Joyce is an international treasure and you’ve done this post such justice.
    The images are stunningly beautiful!

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