The Summit Trail – Perisher – Big Chill

I must admit there was a moment on The Summit Trail at Perisher when I felt we had stumbled onto the set of The Game of Thrones and joined the night walkers beyond the wall.

The Summit Trail started off well, cold but a lovely clean walking path and a slight breeze by the time we got to the Snowy River it had closed in and we were walking through snow. The weather can turn on a dime up here in Perisher.

This walk, The Summit Trail, leads through an extreme alpine environment and all walkers must be well prepared. During summer, be prepared for both very hot and cold weather, high winds, rain, snow, extreme UV levels and some sections of snow or ice on the ground. Before starting this walk, check advice with Snowy Region Visitor Information Centre (02) 6450 5600, the weather forecast and the snow conditions then change your plans as needed. The notes, grades and walking times have been written for use in the summer months only.

Between May and the end of October, this walk is likely to be covered in snow/ice, visitors should carry and be prepared to use snowshoes or cross country skis. When there is a chance of significant snow on the ground, visitors will need particularly strong navigation and snowcraft skills – tracks and signage may not be visible.

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  1. Magnificent photos Lorrie. Surreal, some look like paintings or extremely poor scenic art backdrops …..

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