The Style of the Incomparable Jenny Brockie

Jenny Brockie Profile and Style, February 2019

I spent a wonderful afternoon with the incomparable Jenny Brockie a couple of weeks ago. You would know that Jenny is the host of Insight - Tuesday night SBS. It is one of my favourite shows. If you watch the show you would also know Jenny has incredible style. You might not know that her shoe collection is so covetable I did find it hard not to grab them and run for the door.

1. Who are the designers you like?

Dries Van Noten is a favourite. Beautiful prints and textures, I probably wear his clothes more than any others in my wardrobe. I also like Sofie D’Hoore’s clean lines and use of block colours. I’ve been wearing Issey Miyake’s Pleats Please for years, so easy, the clothes travel well and never date. Locally, Pamela Easton has great fabrics and embellishments. And I'm a regular at Uniqlo!

2. What sort of clothes appeal to you?

Clean lines, quality fabrics and unusual colours. I'm also drawn to prints and some embellishments. Comfort is always important.

3. Do you have any style icons?

Phoebe Philo who used to design for Celine. She's such a brilliant designer and always looks effortlessly elegant. And my friend and former stylist at SBS Lesley Crawford. She has a great eye and exudes joy in the way she dresses.

4. How do you feel about getting older? I don't think about it too much. My mother stopped counting at about 50 and didn’t start again until she turned 90. She literally had to work it out when anyone asked her!

5. Do magazines or add campaigns talk to your generation? I enjoy flicking through some fashion magazines but I doubt they’ve ever really talked to me. I take what I want for them - a visual idea or a piece of information - but I don’t think I’ve ever connected with them in any meaningful way.

6. How do you approach fashion compared to your mothers generation? 

I'm much more adventurous in my choices, but I share her love of quality fabrics and checking seams. My mother made all her own clothes and cared a lot about seams!

 7. Where are the clothes from in the shots?

I buy designer clothes on consignment (second hand) or at the very end of sales, I wouldn't buy them otherwise. The Pleats Please green dress is from a farfetch sale. The Sophie D'Hoore yellow dress is from The Frock Exchange in Sydney. The green print top is from a Pamela Easton trunkshow and the green pants are Easton Pearson from years ago. The black Alexander Wang shirt is from Apartmento, a consignment store in Sydney and the Dries van Noten brocade pants are also from The Frock Exchange. The rust shoes are Scanlon and Theodore. Red and White shoes are Maryam Nassir Zadeh bought online from Shifting Worlds in Melbourne and the black shoes are Isabel Marant....

8. What are the things that are most important in your life as you get older?

Aside from the obvious - family and friends - for me it’s creativity. Coming up with new ideas and embracing change.


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  1. Love Jenny’s style almost as much as Insight. Loved the green top above which she wore on the Insight program last night (divorcing amicably). I was going to call the ABC and ask where I could buy it.

  2. What a fabulous profile. Have always admired Insight and the indeed the incomparable Jenny Brockie. Always a well researched and thought provoking show, led by one of our very very best journalists with authority and panache.

    Bravo !

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