The Snowy Mountains H/W – from Perisher to Tumut

We decided to take the long way home from Perisher and drove the Snowy Mountains Highway through the Kosciusko National Park to Tumut.

Normally this is a sensationally beautiful drive, windy roads through dense luscious bush. The Kosciusko National Park was one of the many victims of last years devastating bushfires however  the drive now could reduce you to tears.

Mother nature is trying to push back with wild green growth and radical little bouquets sprouting from black charred trunks.

Kosciuszko National Park provides habitat for two species of corroboree frog (critically endangered), the alpine she-oak skink (endangered), broad-toothed rat (vulnerable) and stocky galaxias (a critically endangered native fish), among other threatened species.

As the climate has warmed, the cool mountain habitat of these species is shrinking; bushfires have decimated a lot of what was left. Feral horses now threaten to destroy the remainder.

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  1. Great pics, Lorrie. We had a similar experience driving from Eden to Orbost via Mallacoota last January. Extremely confronting.

  2. This drive was truly sensational and gobsmacking. The aftermath of a once in a 100 years venting by Mother Nature. At times coming over the mountains there is nothing for km – as far as the eyes can see in all directions – but burned out forests.

    Truly unbelievable imagining what these areas must have been like when vast areas were alight.

    And truly distressing what on earth must have happened to millions of wildlife.

    If you have a chance to do this drive, do so. And marvel at Mother Earth fighting back and regenerating.


    1. Your photography is amazing. You have captured the horror we lived through in the most beautiful way. Thank You !
      It is worth the drive as we watch Nature heal itself.

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