The senior beauty consultant?

senior beauty consultants

I’m yet to see a senior beauty consultant on the Myers or David Jones cosmetic counters…in fact the last time I was in DJs about to take out an extra mortgage on the house to buy a cream, the baby faced male consultant struggled to explain what the product could do for me….pointing out that it worked wonderfully on HIS twenty something skin was NOT a comfort.

This is an article that was on a British site but translates and hit the link for more……

The 2016 report by beauty site reveals that customers aged between 50 and 80 surged by more than 210% since last year, when they revealed that 60-plussers accounted for a quarter of all beauty buys. No denying it, we mellowing baby boomers are now the biggest beauty spenders in the UK – and counting. As Kate Finnigan reminded us in her Stella magazine feature on ‘How the fashion world is finally waking up to the power of the older woman’, by 2020 the number of people over 65 will rise by 1.1 million.

Clearly, there’s never been a better time to be senior. We’re now used to seeing contemporaries as ‘ambassadors’ in fashion and beauty ads. In beauty circles, the ‘anti-ageing’ tagline has reached its tipping point as a reason to buy some serum or other and even ‘pro-ageing’ is being debated. Is it positive? Is it patronising? Do we need an ‘age appropriate’ handle at all?


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