The Rules that rule Japan – some tips

The rules that rule Japan can be baffling it is true and there are so so many of them..example walk or the left and pass on the right - this is the case on escalators and stairs - unless you are in Osaka ... where you keep to the right.

All bets are off however when you are crossing the road at Shibuyu where it is everyone for themselves. Also bikes seem to get a free reign.

The people of Japan try to read the air and try very hard to not bother other people and cause inconvenience.

So being late is considered rude and being late multiple times will give you a bad reputation.

Always bring a gift. Do not tip, it's insulting. Don't blow your nose in public. Pour other people's drinks. Don't sit cross legged on the train it is considered very rude. BE QUIET!

Don't talk on your phone on buses or trains. Putting make-up on buses and trains is frowned upon.
No eating in public places especially when walking.

You must follow the lines to get on and off trains and buses, this makes sense when you see the number of people using public transport.

The country is very considerate to the old, young and the disabled.


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  1. Found this very helpful in knowing what to expect if I can to Japan, which I would love to do. I’m sure I would’ve broken at least two or three of those rules.

  2. Rules rules everywhere. I found them disconcerting. But respect for the old or disabled is extremely affirming. Wish it was the case here in Australia.

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