The Road from Euroa to Trentham – Victoria

We took the backroads from Euroa to Trentham on our recent road trip to Melbourne. The country is beautiful, the wineries a plenty. Also picked up some sensational Olive Oil at Barfold Olives.

Descend on Euroa, located at the base of the Strathbogie Ranges in Victoria's High Country, and discover a charming heritage town, complete with majestic buildings and stunning landscapes. Before European settlement, Euroa was home to the Ngurelban people. The town's name is thought to come from 'Yera-o', meaning joyful.

Cool country. Spud country. For a tiny town, Trentham packs a punch. Not just what it is famous for – but for its lesser known gems too.
A quaint village retaining many historical buildings and a charming streetscape also boasts drop-dead pretty botanical gardens and shady tree-lined streets (not to mention the main street has even featured in several movies, but Trentham is too modest to boast of such things).
Situated half way between Woodend and Daylesford and located high on the Great Dividing Range, Trentham’s soil is fabulous for growing some of the country’s best spuds along with a veritable cornucopia of seasonal produce. From chestnuts and cherries, to heirloom fruits and olives, there isn’t much that won’t flourish in this rich volcanic dirt.


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  1. This is such a pretty drive. Especially if you take some of the backroads, particularly through the Vineyards at Bortelli.

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