‘The Rider’ Became the Breakout Movie of 2018

I've become a bit of a Chloe Zhao tragic, we watched The Rider last night and if you haven't seen it ... go now ....we found it on Netflix ... below is the opening paragraph of story about the film in Rolling Stone. Link below.

There’s an epic magic-hour shot in Chloé Zhao’s The Rider that’s so gorgeous, every great Hollywood Western director might want to hang up their spurs. Real-life saddle bronc rider Brady Jandreau, a daredevil 20-year-old with a busted head, hand and hip, mounts a horse that could kill him. At his last rodeo, a stallion stomped on his skull. Jandreau barely survived, but his doctor’s orders to never ride again are just a slower kind of death here on South Dakota’s Lakota-Sioux Pine Ridge Reservation. But there he goes, galloping past the sunset. You can imagine John Ford beaming somewhere.


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  1. Totally agree. While The Rider is perhaps not quite as accomplished overall as Nomadland, it is a truly thought provoking and moving film heralding a great new talent in Chloe Zhao.

    ‘Actual’ actors delivering amazing performances. Another blunt and at times respectful insight of middle America and the rodeo life. Shot beautifully.

    An observation ‘slice of life’ film that tends close to documentary at times, but masterfully avoids the sentimentality that many another Director would have used.

    Bravo again Chloe and her team …..

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