The Perisher – Big Chill – mini break


We are in Perisher this week...this is what happened last year ...

Last October we went to Perisher for a week with some dear friends for a Big Chill mini break. I hope by posting this today it helps to cool you down ... the climatic conditions are meant hideous.

Our mini break in Perisher was meant to be just outside the season but the conditions meant the season was extended for a week ... it snowed. Turning the valley into a winter wonderland for the very few.

Only one of us skied, our friend John, our other friends Alison and Stephen are very keen bush walkers and don't mind a bit of bird watching so I joined them for a bit of Snow shoeing...Lesley stayed in and painted and Anon kept the crows fed.

These shots are mostly the outdoor adventures and environment. Next year I'll remember to document the fun we had with the catering and interiors.


We stayed at Alexandra lodge, Anon's family have had an interest in the lodge from the very early days of Perisher. The end of the season meant we had the lodge to ourselves.

A delightful time was had by all....until.....

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  1. Well, here we are a year later. Anon is now SLIM, and the world is still wondering what on earth happened last year with the story of our adventures cut off …..

    When is that going to be revealed ?

  2. Oh wow, Lorrie. Much appreciated cooling images and beautiful examples of your brilliant eye. Plus ANON being flushed out into the open.

  3. The suspense is very unfair …. when will this post be continued ?

    Anon can add that the did invaluable support work holding up the fort organising foods, drinks, fires, and the like and filling the role of Club Caption of the waggly bunch …..

    Anon can also add that food and wine flowed freely, along with some spirited political discourse regarding our illustrious leadership !!!

    We also had a wonderful visit from Anon’s nephew Tristan and his partner Regina who are National Parks Rangers in the area and live in Jindabyne. Fascinating stories of their work and the never ending issues or budget and cost restrictions that impact significantly on their responsibilities.

    Hoping this can become a once – perhaps even twice ? – a year gathering with a larger group in 2020 …..

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