The Perisher – Big Chill – mini break – pt 2


We are in Perisher this week…this is what happened last year …

Last week I posted part 1 of the Perisher Big Chill mini break, I think I painted a pretty perfect week in the snow..and it was … until…

To explain … taking landscape flora and fauna images has not been my practice. I like to think I was scampering over the snow covered rock faces but in truth I was sliding. One slimy rock was my downfall, I slipped and on the way down managed to wack my lens on a rock turning it into a rattle.

On another slippery snow surface one hill over Stephen slipped and tore his rotator cuff, a very nasty injury…surgery..rehab … very painful.

I like to think we just joined a very large club of people who head to the snow and head home on crutches, bandaged and bruised!

This will not deter us however, we will return … a little wiser, next year.


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