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This from the site The Ageist …… how Laura Silverman, a woman close to 60, followed her passion and started this inspiring enterprise The Outside Institute.

The Outside Institute was born.

“It really arose out of a desire to bring my passion for the natural world to other people,” she says.

Founded in 2017, The Outside Institute offers hikes and workshops on things like crafting botanical cocktails and tincturing. And it is all Silverman. For example, our conversation was delayed a few days because she was on a foraging expedition.

The Institute recently published its first field guide, a nicely-designed catalog intended for aspiring naturalists, but more accessible than most guides. She’s also put together and hosted a couple of dinner series on foraged food and is currently working on a book on the same subject.

Keep in mind, publishing books, hosting dinner series and creating workshops are all things Silverman has never done before at this level. So how does she do it?

“One fucking foot in front of the other,” she says. “I’m 55 and I don’t understand people that talk about retirement. That’s so foreign to me. I don’t have some retirement fund ready to go when I’m 60. I literally stepped into this place of discovering my passion when I was in my 50s, and I’m just raring to go.”

“I don’t feel old in any way, or older,” she continued, “If anything I feel younger, I feel I tapped into this source of energy of how much I know there is to learn. The more I learn about the natural world, the more I have this feeling of being a novice. I’m new to it. And I have the energy and interest and curiosity.”

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  1. How wonderful ! I wonder if there is anyone doing something like this in Australia, and more specifically out of Sydney into NSW ?

    Would love to hear from anyone who may know something similar ?

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