The Osaka home of Julie and Charlie Pierce

This is the Osaka home of my friends Julie and Charlie Pierce, it's their holiday house, they spend Spring and Autumn in Japan.

The house is in a quiet suburban - with an industrial edge - part of Osaka. One of several small terrace style houses. Julie and Charlie have kept the home as traditional Japanese home. Japanese homes are very small so the interior style is minimalist but with wonderful elements.

The entry is called a Genkan, this is area greets visitors and is a place where shoes are replaced for slippers. The floors are covered in Tatami mats. The walls are sliding doors or screens called Shoji, either made of translucent paper or glass panels within a wooden grid.

The house has a couple of Tokonoma, these alter like areas are not tied to any religion Simply put, the Tokonoma is a raised alcove providing a very special space, in which important items are displayed, such as ikebana, bonsai, a favored piece of pottery, or an artistic or calligraphic scroll. However, the piece showcased in the tokonoma is not fixed through time. The art displayed in the raised alcove is often changed, perhaps as regularly as the seasons.

Another wonderful element in Julie and Charlie's home in Osaka is the temperature controlled soaking tub.

There is something wonderfully calming about these interiors, everything has a reason and place ... It feels, dare I say very zen!

Coming up where Julie found a lot of the treasures in the house ...


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  1. Hello Julie, wonderful to see your home in Japan. I’m also exploring taking the plunge to purchase in Japan. Like you Id prefer closeness to the sea. My son continues to live in Tokyo so extra incentive to buy:) I used to work at W Library but have been back in SA for about 3 years, living seaside I remember seeing you at Jp Foundation events. All the best, Pat M

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      This is from Julie Pat…..

      Hello Pat, I certainly remember you! Hi nice to get your note.
      Well as you can tell by the interview and pictures, we are very pleased to have our little place in Japan. The Cheaphousesjapan Insta site seems to be a really good source of cheap house info.
      All the best with a future J home. My Insta site is Cloudtea; what’s yours?

  2. Thank you so much for sharing with your beautiful pictures our beloved little place! It was so much fun having you stay with us! Please come back for another visit… hugs!

  3. Really beautiful house and blog post. Such simple style in perfect harmony. Even the Kangaroo plate looks totally at home.

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