The Neighbour’s – Old and New – Dinner – Newtown

The Neighbour's dinner was held in Newtown, The love of Newtown is the one element we all have in common. A place that is not easy to describe or quantify – it's precious, but it isn’t tangible - it's valuable, but isn’t something that can be owned. Not a pretty suburb, her inclusive heart is what we love, she is a laugh out loud suburb, that has made us all feel welcome.

Alison, Anna and I invited our neighbours to join us for dinner in the old shop area of Original Finish. Stephen and Alison had just finished renovating it in perparation for new tenants...
more on that in the coming months.

The wonderfully pristine space called out for a celebration.

Of course there were the planning meetings.. what to cook, Ottolenghi of course, but how to decide. We went the full Middle Eastern.

Slim's starter cocktail was Champagne and Pomegranate. The starters three different dips, with bread from the Afghan Bakery Auburn.

Anna made the most amazing tart for the next course from Plenty More

The main was lamb leg marinated and butterflied by Alison. I added the Beetroot dish and the Asparagus salad from the new book Flavour.

Desert was Alison's wonderful raspberry and champagne ice cream from Sweet and some mouth watering rose Turkish Delight from the local Turkish ice creamy Hakiki in Enmore Road.

We had a Covid plan.

The only drama was when Alison's hair caught on fire ... but hey, that's so Newtown none of us really batted an eyelid.

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  1. So much fun! Loved the opportunity to hang out with our neighbours. Cocktail looked fabulous too. X

  2. Wonderful dinner with amazing food, setting and great company.

    Lorrie Alison and Anna never fail in their sublime culinary achievements. I am concerned though that the bar is now set at all but unachievable heights to better !

    I also suspect the dinner has added a kilo or two so some dedicated exercise is a must this week.

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