The night I backed Barnsey

OK the title is a stretch, let me explain…….

In the early 90’s with the launch of his 5th consecutive Australian number one Album, Two Fires, I got sent on tour with Jimmy Barnes.

Well it was Jimmy, Jane and all of the kids. I met them in Townsville. They travelled from gig to gig in a chartered jet, Jane cooked Jimmy’s favorite Thai food where she could and made delightful little Vodka sorbets as pre concert shots.

The next gig was Rockhampton, The Flamingo Nights Nightclub. During the flight Jimmy called ahead to his favorite restaurant and ordered us all Peking Duck.

During the meal I mentioned how much I loved one of the songs on the Album, in particular the chorus. How wonderful I mumbled aloud to be one of the backing singers. Have a go, I heard Jimmy say…..OH MY GOD is this the most generous person on earth or mad.

At the gig, packed to the rafters with screaming fans. I shot, panicked, I tried humming the tune, probably knocked back too many vodka sorbets …. then tried to convice the road manager it wasn’t the greatest idea…”don’t be such a girl’ he said pushing me on stage.

My moment in the spotlight…well back near one of the speakers and behind the bass player…I moved with the backing singers sang the chorus to “when your love is gone” and frankly thought I was doing a fine job – not that I could hear anything – Jimmy is loud.

Then I felt a firm hand in the middle of my back as I was gently shoved to the side of the stage… 25,000 miles from fame.

The Generosity of that moment has never left me. Barnesy is a very good bloke.

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  1. Have just watched Q&A iView from Monday ……. Magda and Barnsey totally nailed it on so so many issues. Obviously both their books are going to be confronting, but off to Better Read Than Dead to get them beside the bed on the “Must Read” List.

    In the meantime, can I post this incredibly powerful image ….. Lorrie at her very very best searching for the images that simply no one else sees ….. in this instance, from the Saving Sydneys Trees demonstration at Parliament House on 21st September.


  2. What great shots of Barnsey. Can not remember him looking this young …. and really quite handsome ! They also show the amazing energy he puts into his performances. Magic

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  3. Hah, now that’s a story luv and great photos – it may have been 25,000 miles but still, there was some fame!

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