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This is a story about a journey from Berlin to Sydney and back again. BTWNLNS opened on Saturday, in the space that had been the home of Original Finish, 105 Wilson Street, for decades.

BTWNLNS, opened by Nicole Albrecht her partner Emanuel an Art Producer and best friend Marcus a Graphic Designer has delivered a little bit of Berlin cool to a place that has always produced beautiful furniture. The style might be different but the intent is the same.

Nicole met Alison and Stephen in 2003, she was on a working holiday, having finished her degree in Interior Architecture in Germany. She wandered off King Street Newtown and stopped in front of their beautiful building and knocked on the door and asked Alison if they were looking for anyone, and she said ... actually we are. It was the start of a beautiful relationship.

Nicole used to joke with Alison and Stephen ... you know if you ever want to move on from this space, it would be my dream. In 2014 I established my Interior architecture firm in Berlin, I always dreamed of doing half my time here and half in Berlin. To also have a place where people could meet exchange ideas have designers from Berlin visit and the other way around.

The shop BTWNLNS is selling Furniture from Berlin also books from Do You Read Me a famous book shop in Berlin. We want the place to be a breeding ground of ideas a place for the community and beyond. We will carry on doing our jobs out the back, but we hope that people will come in, join us in a discussion, enjoy the little piece of Berlin we have bought with us.

This is what they say...

btwn.lns Berlin’s generation that once danced the nights away, is now also immersed in reputable creative fields. Born from this cultural development, BTWNLNS (Between Lines) is bringing a taste of this creative output to the shores of Sydney. Contemporary, solid furniture design brands Loehr, Objekte Unserer Tage & Neo/Craft are major players in this creative movement, along with the cultural powerhouse, do you read me?!, Berlin’s go to bookstore. We are beyond excited to host an incredible selection of independent publications and objects from these inspirational brands Come and visit at 105 Wilson Street, Newtown. Doors are now open.

BTWNLNS 105 Wilson Street, Newtown

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