The magical Sue Bail

Sue Bail made our trip to Morocco. The sister of friend Kath Bail, Sue is a traveller having spent more time out of Australia than in it. She has lived in Fes for the past few years and manages the Ruined Garden Riad ( Riad Idrissy) where we stayed. Sue’s generous spirit, and constant quest for knowledge – she speaks fluent Darija – and her warmth makes the Ruined Garden THE place to stay in Fes. The staff of the Garden are family, making the Riad the perfect sanctuary after a day of exploring the 9,000 lanes that make up the Medina in Fes.

I was particularly lucky because Sue personally guided me through the Medina meeting her friends. The Artisans the shopkeepers the lads that unoffically police the lanes the beekeepers in the honey souk. She is known and loved by all.

The images are of Sue’s home in the Medina. We thought her landlord could have seen one or two too many James Bond films in the 1970’s given the decor…and some of her friends.

The Ruined Garden Riad ( Riad Idrissy ) will have its own blog next week.

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  1. Sue is a special person; a model for about how to live optimistically and to the full! Long live Sue!

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  2. Sue is one of my favourite people on the planet, and best friends. It’s wonderful to see her unquenchably exuberant spirit captured so well!

  3. I’ve often wondered if Sue was a pimp for a travel agency. With her knowledge and unquenchable enthusiasm, she’s encouraged so many to make that magic ride to Morocco and involve in gloriously colourful ancient world that is Fes. I’ve not forgotten the courteous and sometimes eccentric characters of the Medina. One day soon, I will have to rub the magic lantern and command the genie to fly me there again.

  4. Magical…yes! Sue has been riding a magic carpet since we were kids.
    Beautiful to see her with some of her dear friends in Fes.
    She is a generous and knowledgable guide.

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