The Last Warehouse Dinner – Original Finish

The last dinner party at the Original Finish Warehouse

When I say Last Dinner – Original Finish, I just mean in the Original Finish Warehouse, because generous hospitality runs deep and is at the core of who Alison and Stephen are as people… the space may change the delightful lunches, dinners and parties we have all enjoyed in their company … will go on.

The Warehouse sold, to good people, the Original Finish business will recalibrate and this glorious life goes on.

This dinner for 36, was a bit of joint effort, which made it so much more enjoyable. The process of planning, tasting, researching setting up and THE NIGHT and then the deconstruction and clean up….finally the day after leftover lunch with a hair of the dog….. I’ve spared you that image!

I’m not going to lie there was a little Ottolenghi in the room. The Cocktail was so delicious I’m doing a seperate post.

Thank you Alison and Stephen for your warmth, friendship and generosity.

This is my definition of community.


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  1. A beautiful night as always ….. a long list of memorable dinners with wonderful hosts and guests in this superb space. Thank you.

  2. What a fabulous night! A huge to Alison and Stephen for such generosity, to the cooks for such wonderful food, to Lorrie for these beautiful photos and to all those who sclepped and carried and made drinks and gave their time to create such a magical moment. ❤️

  3. Thank you Lorrie, the blog is a fabulous record of such a great evening. Really lovely night with beautiful friends. xx

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