The Izakaya, Karaoke and a homesick driver

This little Izakaya was in the district of Yanaka where we stayed in Tokyo. It was in a side street and then down an ally. It seated about six people. When Jules, Miko San and I arrived ... it was packed.

The lovely older woman who ran the Izakaya a homesick driver ( his profession was driving ) and an older patron who had seen the bottom of too many Sake bottles filled the other half of the Izakaya.

This was one of the best nights we had in Tokyo. I'm still not sure how Miko San found out that our homesick driver, was in fact homesick - the endless songs he sang about his island home of Okinawa could have been the giveaway.

The food, small snacks - so think Tapas - was sensational .... small bowls of slow cooked pork had us all swooning. The walls are lined with Sake bottles with texta marks are owned by the regular drinkers.

I'm very sorry I didn't write the name of Izakaya down but half the fun is finding one that pulls you in...

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