The House Party in Tuscany – Amber Guinness

This book hits every button for me. Italy, Food, Recipes, Interiors, Food plans and lovely photography and creative direction by Robyn Lea with Saghar Setareh

By Gisela Williams writes in the New York Times

It was nostalgia for her mother’s cooking and memories of her parents’ boisterous dinner parties that led the British-born artist and chef Amber Guinness, who grew up on a secluded 18th-century farm near Siena, Italy, to start the Arniano Painting School on the family property with her friend, the British artist William Roper-Curzon. While Roper-Curzon teaches landscape painting to artists of all levels of ability, Guinness keeps the students happily fed with fresh, flavorful versions of the dishes she first learned to cook from her mother, which she often serves al fresco in the estate’s gardens. Those recipes are collected in Guinness’s first cookbook, “A House Party in Tuscany,” out this week in the U.S., and include the hearty comfort food — like artichoke and béchamel pie, and spinach and ricotta malfatti — her guests clamor for. Her sister does, too. “Claudia is always asking me for Mama’s recipes,” says Guinness with a laugh, “so now I can just tell her to look in the book.”

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