The Happenstore – Good night BUT not Goodbye

The gorgeous Cath Derksema opened a store at 55 Parramatta Road, Annandale 6 years ago and created a home for like minds. She closed the physical store on Saturday but the home will continue. Follow Cath and Happenstore on her instagram here for what comes next.

The party was warm, full of flowers, wonderful food and the family of makers that have become The Happenstore family. It was a celebration of what one very talented warm woman created on The Parramatta Road.

About Cath
From John Kaldor in the '80's to Art Park in the '90's
to Prints Charming Original Fabrics original in the 2000's.
I've been a textile designer for a long and wonderful time! Today I share my passion through commissions,workshops,and bespoke fabric and artisan projects.
Each week brings new ideas and new product and now new happenings

The store has been a place to come , to make , to learn and become inspired.

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  1. It looks so wonderful, sorry to have missed it. Beautiful images Lorrie, I wish Cath well and I’m following her on instagram as you recommend.
    Thanks Lorrie.

  2. What a beautiful post for a beautiful woman who is all soul and happiness! A beautiful capture as only you could do❤️

  3. Beautiful photos Lorrie of a very special place . Congratulations Cath on creating a magical place for creative souls . Look forward to seeing where your next chapter leads ! ❤️

  4. Definitely a happening place, I know because of you, thx Lorrie.
    Best to Cath.

  5. A lovely tribute captured only the way you can Lorrie! The Happenstore was a very special place and I know it because of your blog so thank you for sharing all the incredible women you meet and their projects here on your blog!
    All the very best to you, Cath!

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