“Hascombe” 19th century hill station garden, Mt Macedon

Hascombe is a 19th century hill station garden located on Alton Road at Mount Macedon, 65 km northwest of Melbourne. The 11-hectare garden is regarded as one of Victoria's finest and is listed on the Register of the National Estate. Hascombe has five owners during its lifetime, most of them avid gardeners.

Anon's grandfather, Staniforth Ricketson, was one of them. We were delighted when the current owner organised for his head Gardener to give us a tour.

The first owner R.L.J. Elery constructed a villa on the site in the 1870s. The garden was significantly expanded by R.S. Whiting who blended his design with the natural landscape of the creek and its backdrop of blackwoods and tree ferns.

In the 1930s, the owner at the time, Staniforth Ricketson installed a log cabin, tennis courts and a Douglas Pine plantation. The garden was further developed by Sir Thomas and Lady Ramsay from the 1930s to 1989, after which the garden was purchased by the current owners. The garden is now taken care of by a team of 3 full-time gardeners and one volunteer


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  1. I would love to visit these gardens (& the house). This was once owned by my grandmother’s family (the Ricketsons) and I would so love to see it

    1. Post

      Hi Elizabeth, my husband Greg Ricketson is your mother’s cousin. We visited Hascombe by special arrangements with the current owners. Unfortunately the annual public garden open days
      stopped some years ago. The current owners are very private about the rebuilt house. I’ll ask Greg to contact your mother to give her an update.

      Best Lorrie

  2. Extraordinary gardens. Fantastic credit to all the owners over more than 150 years. Especially so the current owners who are doing very very significant works clearing out and recovering century old garden beds with massive replanting. It is such a shame that most of these beautiful and historic gardens are no longer opened to the public during the year. The insurance requirements and premiums have become stratospheric !!!

  3. Wow what an awesome garden! Thanks for your photographs that capture the splendour of the place. I particular admire the fusion of exotic with endemic.

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