The Granny Square


My Grandmother Adeline passed on her Choko pie recipe and poker skills, but sadly darning was not in her tool kit. My friend Urt is a wiz but lives on the far south coast.

So when I found a small hole in a Jac and Jack jumper what to do. Hello …… The Granny Square, just another gem on King Street Newtown.

That would be the same street, Roads Minister Duncan Gay,  seems to think is too ordinary to save from West Connex ….. sorry but what dose this man not understand about community?

The Granny Square will darn your jumper, custom knit you a jumper….. how I wish I had kept those jumpers knitted by other Grandmother Edith ….  teach one on one  to knit, sell you wool  are sooooo warm and friendly

The Granny Square:, 47 King Street, Newtown

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