The Giant Green Grape – Jimmy Pozarik

Jimmy Pozarik is a photojournalist, someone I have rubbed shoulders with on many assignments. On one, Fiji Coup one ( there were three of them ) Jimmy was shooting for Time Magazine and I was there for The Times on Sunday...we posed as a couple of clueless tourists to get closer to the action. My memory is hazy about how that worked out for us, scoop wise! But we have remained friends ever since.

So I was not surprised when Jimmy shape shifted his life to follow this passion. The children's book Giant Green Grape. Jimmy has been the volunteer photographer-in-residence for the Sydney Children's Hospital Foundation since 2012. Every few years he would do a major photographic project. In 2019 The International Year of the Nurse, that was his focus. When Covid hit, he could no longer shoot, photography was deemed unessential.

He needed to do something, he had an idea for a children's book. His gorgeous Granddaughter, and light of his life, Annabella ( Above) was alway hungry and loved green grapes he decided to have a go at writing that book. He has teamed up with a very talented illustrator called Nicole Lekach. The Sydney Children's Hospital Foundation agreed to to co-publish the book.

It has taken nine months but is now available to buy ... HERE and HERE

The perfect Christmas present for the little kids in your life and you'll be helping the Sydney Children's Hospital Foundation.

‘The Giant Green Grape’ is a happy, funny, little bit sad, and then happy again story symbolising ‘the circle of life.’ It’s a tale about a little girl named Annabella who plants a green grape in her garden to see if it will grow - and grow it does until it’s as big as she is! The grape soon becomes part of her family - singing, laughing, crying and rolling after her wherever she goes. But one day Annabella notices the grape is getting very ripe and wrinkly. And smelly. Oh, no! What to do?

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  1. Thanks so much, Lorrie. I encourage everyone to do volunteer work. You may not be rewarded with financial gain, but the other rewards are priceless. Do it!!!

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