The Flower Market

Who would’nt want to be up at 4am heading down the Parramatta Road to Flemington. I guess a few of you. Tip, do this a least once in your life if you love flowers.

I just love it, Julie Pierce and I did this recently and doing it with someone as passionate about flowers just enhanced the experience.

I have few tips, get there early…. you dont want to spend the first hour driving around looking for a park. Go with a plan…you will drop this the minute you see whats in season..I always over shop! Have a good look around there are pockets of specialty.A bloke who just does leaves etc. I’m always looking for something with a bit of scale, I now know where to look.

Optional is the High Viz vest…I hate High Viz, however, if you dont want get run over by a fork lift maybe not a bad idea. Vending machine at the top end spits them out for $10.

It will cost $10 to get in the front gate, and its best to carry cash. Some sellers have card machines but they are in the minority and not the most interesting suppliers.

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