The Fire Crisis – What can you do to help

Feeling a little helpless looking at this fire crisis unfold and wondering what you can do. here are some tangible, simple ways we can help.

First you can send money to RFS or the Red Cross

Or for the animals Port Macquarie Koala Hospital and Wires wildlife rescue.


"Men and women firefighters will be made heroes after this is all over, and we’ll talk about how the "Australian spirit" got us through. And they are heroes; there’s no doubt about that. But why were we forced to rely on the spirit and sacrifice of our neighbours instead of counting on our leaders to believe in science and act before it got to this?"

Leadership needs to come from all levels of Government...write to the PM ( Scott from Marketing ) your local and federal members tell them they need to act now on climate change..the time for spin and blame shifting is over. You wanted the job, step up and do it.

Individually ....March, show up for every Climate Change march and demonstration.

This is worth a read

Last of all PLEASE read this and share it...

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