The Fiat Bambini


I started lusting after a Fiat Bambini the minute we hit Rome. It could have been before – while watching old romantic Black and White films set in Italy …. Me as Audrey, Anon as Gregory. They are a small and simple car, and unlike the mini minor (a small car pretending to be a big car …. Steroids?). The design of the Fiat 500 or Bambini is much as it always was. I’m not really a car person, they have always just been a way to get from A to B …. but the Fiat Bambini speaks to the frivolous me – Anon and I will look a lot like Noddy and Big Ears -and given I have treated past cars like a large handbags we will be going from a Tote to a Clutch but what fun. Ours is on the docks and will be in the garage in a couple weeks. It’s the colour of Vanilla ice cream with a Khaki canvas top.




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  1. OK. I can see you in the Fiat with the gigantic camera bag. But Anon…he’ll have to fold himself into the back seat. Is there a back seat?

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