The Female Rage Reading List – 16 Books

A Female Rage Reading List: 16 Books That Scream to Be Read. An increasing number of novels are putting women’s anger front and center.

Here are some of our favorites. “Novels and plays throughout history have starred women who insist on doing it their way. But never in such numbers as now.” — Parul Sehgal, book critic,

The New York Times At In Her Words, we love a good list. Ever since our colleague Parul Sehgal wrote about women writers giving voice to women’s rage, we’ve wondered: If we were to make a list of the most refreshingly, honestly angry novels by and about women, which books would make the cut?

For centuries, women’s rage has been dismissed and disavowed and trivialized. Angry women were hidden from view: Lock her up and throw away the key, nobody wants to see that sort of thing. (Oh, hello, Mrs. Rochester!) It’s about time all that pent-up anger exploded into seething, heaving novels.

Behold, the furied heroines, those lightning rods of anger: the vengeful, the disgruntled, the violent, the irritable, the ungodly, the unloved, the intemperate, the temperamental and the unliked. They are mothers and daughters, sisters and stepmothers, best friends and worst enemies. These are the women who flout convention, who shrug off the norms, the eccentrics who do things their own way. They are absolutely unacceptable and absolutely necessary.

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