The Elvis Festival – Katoomba – Blue Mountains

The Elvis Festival in Katoomba last month had many layers we found ourselves at one of the lesser ones.

We ended up at a pub called Family Hote, Katoomba. The lads had steaks and we settled in for the show. There were three Elvis’s … one couldn’t sing …really couldn’t sing the other didn’t really move and then one arrived with the full package. Pale blue body hugging tinsel studded suit with cape. Sideburns. A play list.

The real entertainment was on the dance floor a couple of vintage dancers took to the floor and rocked the socks off the Hotel, and each other.

Near the end of the evening … much belly laughing ..and a few beers..a group of disabled Elvis’s turned up in costume and were invited on stage. A lovely moment.

The Family Hotel, Katoomba has slightly overstated its charm on its website, however the Elvis Festival was well worth the visit.


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  1. What a great night. Put it in your diary and spend the weekend in the mountains. Elvis and so so much more !

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