The Day I lost my Mind – Dasha Ross

Ms Dasha Ross - Style at Sculpture by the Sea


ABC Radio National HEALTH REPORT Program Special Broadcast date: Easter Monday, April 5th, 5.30 pm.

I have a little insider knowledge of this terrifying event because on the day Dasha lost her mind she was looking after our cat, Audrey and home. We arrived home the next day from our Ubud bootcamp to a series of messages asking if Audrey was OK, that Dasha was in hospital ... FYI Audrey unfazed, well fed, happy. Dasha ... you'll have to listen to the report!

Don't miss this program on today at 5.30pm ABC Health report.

Broadcaster, Dasha Ross, tells the scary story of her sudden, temporary memory loss-
‘On Sunday March the 1st in 2020, I lost my mind.

Not just for a minute but for an entire day.
I have no memory at all of what took place. and never will.
What happened and why remains a total mystery to me.
I’ve only got second hand memories of the day in my life when my brain froze......’
Hospitalised, Dasha was diagnosed with Transient Global Amnesia, aka TGA, something she’d never heard of and was told by Doctors was a ‘neurological enigma’ that affects well over 1000 Australians a year. While they recognise TGA is triggered by stress - physical, emotional or psychological, and also by sex - doctors don’t know what causes it.
Determined to find out what happened to her and why, she made this podcast.
Fellow TGA survivors including renowned TV Doctor Michael Mosley, former Australian of the Year, Dr. Fiona Stanley, Author Helen Garner, Host of the US show Survivor, Jeff Probst, speak about what happened to them when they experienced the same thing.
Associate professor of Neurology at Oxford University and Imperial College London, Dr. Chris Butler, and Dr.Susan Tomlinson, Neurologist at Sydney’s St Vincent’s hospital describe the science behind this mysterious syndrome.

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