The Benefits of making your own clothes

This interesting article, the benefits of making your own clothes, is from “Thats not my Age” blog. I would if I could, it took me a month to make a brown corduroy A line skirt in High School – completely unwearkable -so its not my thing … sadly..I am deeply envious of friends like Julie Pierce and Alison Chamberlain who are very very clever.

‘I think we are all becoming more aware of our shopping habits, questioning where our clothes came from and at what price to the environment,’ states Frances Tobin founder of The Maker’s Atelier. ‘The slower and more considered route of making them for yourself is the perfect antidote to fast fashion.’ Darning, mending, tweaking and upcycling are subjects that come up over and over again on the That’s Not My Age podcast.

The Great British Sewing Bee’s Patrick Grant spoke of sock-mending, and as a fashion stylist, Caryn Franklin has always included an element of DIY in her creative work. And this make-do-and-mend mentality was instilled in me as a child.

Whether caused by environmental concerns and the backlash against fast fashion or a renewed interest in crafting and creating, sales of sewing machines, knitting needles and dress-making patterns are soaring. When Frances from The Makers Atelier told me that the latest issue of her magazine was taking a fresh look at tailoring, I asked how I could get involved. Sadly, the only thing I can make is a mess, so my contribution came down to modelling the latest blazer design.

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