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Say Beewax Wraps Workshop ten times after a couple of glasses of Rosé! It wasn't all eating, drinking a shlepping down in Perisher we were also working on becoming better sustainable, green, eco - virtue signaling - friendly consumers.

Julie Pierce is one of the most creative people I have ever met, she took us in hand and walked us through the - I must say much easier steps than I imagined - making our own Beeswax Wraps.

Alison Chamberlain and Julie supplied some very beautiful fabrics - go the extra step and find some lovely fabrics if you are going to make your own beeswax wraps.

Step 1. Get everyone off their devices.

Step 2. "Optional"- but makes the process easier - iron the fabrics

Step 3. Do this only if you are Alison Chamberlain ... pull a thread to get a straight line. The rest of us were a complete fail on the step.

Step 4. Using pinking shears ( Jules got hers at Ikea ) cut the fabric to the size and shape you desire for the Beeswax Wrap.

Step 5. Using a lump of Beeswax ( jules got ours from our local Stacks of Wax in Newtown.

Step 6. Grate the wax, using a box grater or any other grater you have at hand.

Not everyone made the wraps, Lesley moved onto other creative pursuits.

Step 7. Put the oven onto 180 conventional.

Step 8. Lay the fabric on a tray and sprinkle very very very generously with the grated wax. Yes Yes the grating of the wax does go on and on but it will be the most work you will do in the process !!!

Step 9. When the wrap comes out of the oven wave it through the air to make sure it is stiff, then put it up to the light to make sure the wax covers the fabric evenly. If not, add more wax and put it back into the oven. It doesn't take long!

Step 10. Gloat, feel very self satisfied that you have done your bit to save the planet. You have learnt something new... at your age!

Step 11 Have a generous glass of Rosé

Step 12. Avoid this step at all cost. Sit red faced, when, in the morning - post beeswax wrap workshop - you walk into kitchen to find what was left of Lesley's wonderful saffron cheesecake covered in cling wrap! #%#@!!!

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  1. Clever gal that Julie …..

    Was great to watch this workshop …. I excused myself to continue reading the fantastic AMERICAN DIRT that had me enthralled and on the edge of my seat. Creativity of the mind ….. well thats my excuse …

    I think Lorrie has missed one tip … perhaps best to use a bowl for the beeswax that is allocated to just that in the future …. I think it took a lot of scrubbing to get rid of the wax from one of the Alexandra kitchen bowls …..

  2. great story and info Lorrie. I’ve bought one beeswax wrap but didn’t know you could make these so simply!!
    Bingo.. now there’s a new [xmas] present idea – the package of a DIY wax wrap [if you don’t make them yourself] best we all learn right? Bottle optional in the present! ha..

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