Tempo Diet trail

Temp diet Trial

OK I came back from Europe about 10 kilos overweight, that, on top of the the extra ten kilos I left with, means that 2016 has to be the year I find a waist and my feet.

So when one of my Anti WestCONnex activists buddies said she had lost 20kgs doing this trial I was onto the phone before you could say DIET.

I got to the phone interview stage and got knocked out because I can not eat eggs, you will understand the importance of the humble egg if you read all of the info in the LINK.

They are looking for Women who are post Menopausal who have a BMI of at least 30. The trial lasts for 3 years and they are recruiting now! If you are interested email them.

Sadly I will have to find my own way back to a size 10 ……and that is a long long way!



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  1. What about postmenopausal men – I’ll eat eggs – how many? I can’t eat margarine though – is that essential? We need to pump your friend who lost 20kgs – get the diet and set up a sport group. What do you think?

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