Tears, Memories and Hope for Sri Lanka – Repost

 I first went to Sri Lanka to cover the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami, I remember the drive from Colombo to Galle on my first day. The drive took 8 hours and every bend in the road revealed either the remains of broken lives and devastation or bays of profound beauty. The Tsunami was that indiscriminate.

Assignments like this stay with you for many reasons, not all good, but I remember on the day I left ... I knew I had to go back.

Anon and I have been to Sri Lanka twice more and this little tear shaped island is one of the our favourite places in the world.

We haven't been to India - YET - but we have called Sri Lanka, India Light, because it has all of the exotic mix and energy with some of the finest small hotels and food in the world without the frenzy and pollution. However the people of Sri Lanka are its greatest asset warm, charming and generous. For years the country has been undersold because of the troubles in the North but in recent years it has come into its own as one of the most desirable holiday destinations.

If you were thinking of a holiday in Sri Lanka, when we can ... please go.

This is a repost


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  1. I too, adore Sri Lanka, first visited in 1957 when I was just a 7 year old girl & it was known as Ceylon, and we were enroute from Malaya to the UK. The memories of it’s wonderful people & beautiful landscape stayed with me until I was able to refresh those sweet memories in 1980 when I spent 3 months exploring this pear shaped island paradise on my bicycle. Every day unfurled another delight as I rode along the coast hugging road from Colombo to Galle & on to the then unspoilt Unawatuna & on up the mountain road to Nuwara Eliya’s high altitude tea plantations. The festivities of Kandy will never be forgotten nor the sweeping descent (chased by mischevious monkies) to the fishing town of Batticaloa & up the coast to Trincomalee.
    It was on the east coast that I learnt about the discrimination & suffering of the Tamils as I lodged in their simple beach huts & ate their fish curries.
    The adventures continued inland to Buddhist town of Anuradhapura & the fascinating & ancient fort of Sigiriya Rock with it’s artists gallery of stunning painted woman. I continued on to the ferry terminal at Talaimannar and caught a boat to Rameswaram India (no longer sailing)
    I was devastated when the war broke out as the majority of the people I befriended were from loving, carefree & respectful communities. The rumblings of dissent had been there for over 15 years, I had been so fortunate to visit in somewhat peaceful times.
    The land of Buddhas statues, temples, Bodhi trees, huge ancient Tanks, stunning coastlines, joyous children, delicious foods, the hottest curries and herds of elephants.
    These superb memories are always with me but now are very much tinged with the sadness of the tragic losses this country has endured from the war & the tsunami.
    Thank you for the photo gallery Lorrie, I’m really looking forward to revisiting in the not to distant future

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      My god Rosie that sounds like the most amazing trip. I also spent time with the Tamils in the Nth while covering the Tsunami, you will not be surprised to hear, they were the last to get aid. But, I too, am looking forward to getting back there. Thanks you for your wonderful memories.

  2. I am just gutted, and disgusted, about the bombings in Sri Lanka. I have the most beautiful memories of my two trips. The amazing people, the multi cultural and multi religious make up the country, the beauty of the country whether coastal or in the mountains.

    As it happens, I have been doing a huge clean up of the archives at the moment, and have been concentrating on the many hundreds of superb images from Sri Lanka. Reviewing all the images this past week have to a degree provided great solace with joyful memories or our trips. But also great sadness and anger that this beautiful country may have been forever changed by this act.

    I hope for Sri Lanka that people will not be turned off visiting, as happened for years in Bali after the bombings there. That just doubles up the pain.

    We may well change some of our travel plans to show our support, and visit again shortly, and encourage others to do the same.

    There are many many Sri Lankan posts on Lorrie’s blog – simply go to the top right ‘search’ area on the front page, enter Sri Lanka, and they should all come up.

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