Tanora, Original Raffia Artisans, Woollahra

Manon and Will are from Madagasca, the home of raffia. They opened their store Tanora ( Tanora, meaning ‘Youth’ in Madagascan) at 76 Queen Street Woollahra just before Covid hit. Tina had mentioned the store to me a few months ago so I dropped in for a look this week.

The charming Manon ( below ) explained that weaving and crocheting of raffia is part of the traditional Madagascan handicraft culture. These ancestral techniques utilising traditional looms have become increasingly rare in the face of globalisation. The craft is handed from mother to daughter and the skill is not written down. Sadly as it has become cheaper to outsource and mass-produce products through modern machinery it has become integral part of their mission to maintain the human side and artistry of a craft native to Madagascar.

Both Manon's mother and Will's aunty have workshops back in Madagasca where they employ, about 80 per cent women and a large proportion of single mothers to make their pieces for Tanora

Today, Madagascar is one of the poorest countries in the world. Tanora commits to an on-going effort to make sure that employees in their workshops in Madagascar are well-respected, fairly paid and over the age of 18. They actively encourage fairtrade work conditions in an effort to help the people of Madagascar find their own financial independence.

This is so worth the trip to Woollahra... + Since 2020 for each item sold, 10 trees will be planted! Read more about our wonderful planting partner.https://edenprojects.org

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  1. Manon is gorgeous- it is so heartening when you meet a young person fueled with the responsibility to make the world a better place. Such a worthy industry to be rescued from dying out.
    In a world of fast everything, these beautiful, elegant items from rugs to clutch purses carry hope for the future of this industry while being exquisite items to own.
    I hope Tanora thrives!

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