Tangier……..a peak

I say a peak because we were only here for two nights. Enough time, however, to realise we will return. This intrigueing port town is an hour’s ferry ride across the Med from Spain.

Our first taste of Morocco did not disapoint.

I, of course, had imaginings of Sheltering Sky – the film – and more recently The M Train, the book by Patti Smith.

Patti had visited Tangier to interview Paul Bowles and mentioned a cafe, Paris De Café. I searched the Medina (the walled old city) to no avail.

There is a strong Cafe culture in Morocco, mostly for men.

This cafe (above) part of El Morocco Club is a welcome retreat for western women.

The Club is infamous and a retreat for the Expat Community, and odd celebrity.

Our next stop in Morocco was a drive away. We ordered a Grand Taxi x 6 to cater for Anon legs. Surely one of the oldest Mecedes in the world.

Our last view of Tangier outside the Kasbar and Medina.

Then what should loom into view in the rear view mirror … Cafe De Paris…. next time.

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  1. This is a beautiful reminder of when I was in Morocco a couple of years ago. Thanks for the images.

  2. Image one is overwhelmingly beautiful – the organic red dress, the blue walls, the furtive energy, the light! I’m not brave like you guys – but love to watch – thanks

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