Stephanie Sharke – Artisian – Upholstery & Workshop

I’m reposting this story about Stephanie Sharke to remind you to re-think before you discard that old sofa. I was about to move on a sofa, I liked its shape


Vintage Shop De Chloé – Paris

This is Chloé, she arrived from Luo Yang – a small historic city in China – when she was eighteen to study. France and her French Godmother introduced beauty into her life.

Ree SEE – A lux site for all your Vintage

Ree SEE is the site you want to go to if you are looking for something from the 2018 Celine collection or you’re still trying to purchase that Birkin bag

At last a Magazine for Vintage – Display Copy

Display copy is a wonderful on line magazine that is all about vintage here are some of the things they say about themselves and the article about Circular Fashion is

The Newest Thing in Fashion? Old Clothes

I am waiting for Australian Brands to move on to some of the things highlighted and discussed in this article in the New York Times! “THE TIME FOR BUSINESS AS