Off to Bluesfest 2017

I’m in the Fiat as we speak….heading up to Byron for the 2017 Bluefest, Anon nursing a bad back is staying home to straighten himself out and keep Audrey in


The night I backed Barnsey

OK the title is a stretch, let me explain……. In the early 90’s with the launch of his 5th consecutive Australian number one Album, Two Fires, I got sent on

Tim McGraw – Love Story

Heard this the other day at our friend Arnold’s place ….. he has a very fine track record when it comes to music recommendations…… if you have’nt noticed. I think

Listen to José James

  Check this guy out….not what you might think. Thank you again Arnold.   LINK http://somethingelsereviews.com/2015/03/25/jose-james-yesterday-i-had-the-blues-billie-holiday/