Fish and Prawn Pies – Donna Hay – The New Classics

These fish and prawn pies are the perfect comfort meal and a first for me. I have always run screaming from anything that needed pastry. Thank you John Head for

Spicy Chilli Pork soup in the time of Corona

Found this Spicy Chilli Pork soup, another rib sticker, in an old Donna Hay Magazine … amazing what a bit of time and boredom in the time of Corona can

Chorizo sausage and rice soup – Donna Hay

This chorizo sausage and rice soup is a real rib sticker, perfect for a cool rainy Easter Weekend. I’ve been trawling my stack of the, now defunct, Donna Hay magazines

Charred roasted broccoli and Haloumi – Donna Hay

Donna Hay’s new book Week Light happened along just as the health surge hit the house. I made this for lunch last week and it is delicious. Donna Hay note