Sydney’s hub of Vegan and Vintage

I'm not Vegan and my forays into Vintage have been mixed but I live in the mecca for Vegan and Vintage, Newtown. To be more exact South King Street, Newtown. A marketing genius could have a field day with the that! Come on local councils now's your chance to help small local businesses in the time of Corona.

To be honest South King has always had a lot of Vintage but it has pretty well taken over. Vintage clothes, second hand books and records Bric a Brac ... we are sooooo sustainable in this suburb our halo could strangle us.

The Vegan scene however is new, and growing. The image above are Vegan Japanese donuts from Comeco Foods..best to eat them in house and hot. Even for a non Vegan these are extraordinary.

Here are some suggestions

Drunk on the Moon - Good quality Vintage for the home in Australia Street Newtown, it's just up the road from Lonely Mouth one of many Ramen bars. Just around the corner is 313 Vintage, great range and good 501 Levis. Heading south on King Gigi Pizza - always a crowd waiting to get in. Another cute Ramen Bar Nekoneko which just up from Lentil as Anything a mix of charity and cheap Veg food. Suzy Spoon Butchery and Daisy Retro .. a cut above Vintage homewares and jewellery. New kid on the block, that some recent friends raved about Vandal.

Across the road you'll find The Wild Merchants ... great clothes De Lorenzo the Vegan hairdresser and La Petite Fauxmagerie, Sydney’s first artisanal, vegan cheesemonger then of course the very dangerous Comeco Foods and their damn donuts.

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  1. Fabulous post. Never a moment of regret about moving into Newtown 22 years ago. In many ways it gets better particularly if you include Enmore Road.

    My only wish is a great delicatessen !

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