Sydney Women’s March – In Solidarity

Images from the Women's March, Sydney, 20 January, 2019

It’s been two years since five million people took to the streets for the first Women’s March - I marched in New York - organised in response to US President Donald Trump’s inauguration - but Australian activists say there’s still plenty to be fighting for.

This weekend thousands of women, and their supporters, came together around the world to demand an end to gender inequality. In Sydney, around 5,000 people marched on Sunday.

Marches were also held in Canberra, on Sunday, and in Melbourne on Saturday.

I marched in Sydney and was delighted to see the new wave of young women marching, in fact I think they out numbered us old rusted on feminists.

Even the speakers were a new breed and very impressive. Bri Lee Author - a sexual assault survivor - said Ms Maasarwe's death (the young student found dead last week ) showed just how dangerous men can make life for women.

"It is so, so hard to keep an olive branch in the palm of your hand when you need your keys between your fingers," Ms Lee told the crowd.


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  1. It is both sad and sickening to look at these signs and realise that here we are in 2019 and still the message has not got through to so many men. Simple word and concept – respect – would go a long way as a starting point.

    I certainly stand by Lorrie and all the women who marched and continue the fight for equality.

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