Sydney Park Blockade – Week 2

We are near the end week 2 of the Blockade to Save Sydney Park from Mike Baird’s WestCONnex disaster.

WestCONnex has put a fence around the trees it wants to destroy for its investigations, with 24/7 Security Guards.

Our camp is manned 24/7 by community members.

Save Sydney Trees protested outside Parliament House with our support.

Various events have taken place, a film night, screening The Castle ….to keep spirits high. Various playgroups with local kids, a concert of vintage Ukulele players singing original anti WestCONnex songs. A big night.

The support is growing. A huge thanks to everyone helping out.


They started digging then this came through on Tuesday…..

” We’ve received word that Sydney Motorway Corporation’s arborist report for Sydney Park has NOT been approved- a report mandated in the Enviromental Impact Statement and signed off by the Planning Minister – therefore they can’t start works – including the excavating that was happening yesterday, which was unauthorised. If you see works taking place on the Euston Rd site, please photograph or film it; tell workers these works are unauthorised and they should stop; make an urgent complaint to Planning; and notify folks at the camp (both so you have back-up and they can get onto us to take things further).

* Would love more vollies for the camp, particularly on the evening and overnight shifts – as we know it’ll be up to us, the community, to monitor #WestCONnex for any compliance breaches. Drop us an email at or just drop into camp if you can help. 169D Euston Rd ”

Come and help put your name on the roster. If you are a local business we would also be grateful for anything you can bring to the party.

This event is happening on Saturday hit the link to find out more.


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